Forming a Habit of Love

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So much in life is a challenge until it is turned into a habit. Once turned into a habit, nearly everything becomes easy.

For example, we may want to completely change our eating or cooking habits. At first, it may seem like a huge challenge, but after some time (if we are disciplined and consistent), the new way of eating or cooking becomes easy and it would be a challenge to switch back to the old way.

As with worldly things, the same goes with more inner issues. If we form the habit of focusing on God, on pointing our mind in a certain spiritual direction, or performing a certain spiritual practice, this becomes natural to us. At first, it may require much disciplined effort and a strong, consistent struggle, but it will eventually become easy, second nature to us.

Love is a habit we can form. A focus on God is a habit we can form. Of course, understanding the technique first is also crucial, but, to some extent, any effort along these lines will bear some noticeable fruit.

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