Understanding Time

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Sorry, if you’ve dropped in to figure out how to read a clock or something like that, we’re not covering that today. The focus today is on understanding time in a more existential way. What is time, really?

In actuality, if before us was infinity, and after us is infinity, time really doesn’t make sense. If we recognize our soul as something that cannot die, time is just an illusion. Time needs a starting and ending point — without one, it simply doesn’t make sense, isn’t real.

Now, within this world of ‘life’ and ‘death’, of change, we clearly have decided that time is important. We have years, decades, centuries; we have hours, minutes, seconds.

And this comes in handy for planning or exploring our cultural or societal or geographical history.

In our day to day, though, time seems to create a bit of an illusion for us. It’s useful for turning us into rats in a rat race.. Believe me, I’m as guilty as anyone.

We think, I have only this much time, and I need to do this and this and this. And we think this all day long.

In actuality, this has a tendency to tear into us, and to tear down our understanding of life, our joy of life.

Better might be, at any given moment, to lay out all the options you have in front of you at the moment, and then do what you think is most important. When your timer rings (literally or not) to move on to another task (i.e. go home, eat, sleep), you go ahead and move on.

And you have to understand, that in this world of limitations, you don’t have time to do everything. So some things have to be dropped.

Throughout it all, too, I think one must keep one’s eye on the limitless, understand that time and all things in this world are an illusion, or a dream — a fleeting, fleeting experience. Keeping our perspective higher like that, it’s easier for us to live in the moment, to drop the things we can’t get to, and to keep our attention where it should be while we are working on whatever we are working on throughout the day.

Time is simply an illusion in our everlasting transformation back to pure love, but it can be turned into a demon chasing us, if we turn it into that. Understand time, and learn to ignore it, while doing your best at whatever you are drawn to during each moment of each day.

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