What Is Real Prayer?

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Prayer is a popular feature of many a religion. But it’s a bit humorous that, so much of the time, prayer involves a human talking to God in a human language.

Does God not know our needs and desires?

Does God need to be talked to?

Does anything need to be explained to God?

Of course not.

This prayer is all just for us.

But the road to the Lord is clear — we must learn to live happily in His will; we must learn to live realizing that all is as it should be; and we must learn to see and merge into the Lord through focused meditation as guided by a perfect living Master.

Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh writes: “Real prayer is not by the lips, not by set words. It comes from the heart, and the heart knows the eloquence of silence. The real prayer is surrender to His will.”

Real prayer is in surrendering, not in asking or wanting or begging via some verbal recitation. And there is only one way to truly surrender, to die before death using the meditation method prescribed by a living Master, the Lord himself.


Angel praying via Puzzler4879

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