The Master Is Everyone

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‘There is One Master, the Guiding Spirit of all Souls, Who constantly leads His followers towards the light.’

To the Sufi therefore there is only one Teacher, however differently He may be named at different periods of history, and He comes constantly to awaken humanity from the slumber of this life of illusion, and to guide man onwards towards divine perfection. As the Sufi progresses in this view he recognizes his Master not only in the holy ones, but in the wise, in the foolish, in the saint and in the sinner, and has never allowed the Master who is One alone, and the only One who can be and who ever will be, to disappear from his sight.


Naturally, we are taught that the Master is everything. However, how much does that actually sink in? Do we treat everyone as if she or he is our Master? Do we take everything we receive from them as a gift from God? Do we try to learn from everything they send our way? Do we give them the reverence and respect that we give the Master? Do we take everything that happens to us in our lives as a spiritual gift?

I think most of us can wholeheartedly say that we don’t.

But we can always start today! Or at least start trying to do so. Each inch forward is an important inch. Each step is an important step. Each moment and action we take as a gift from God is an important one.

Treat everyone as if they are your Master. Take everything you receive as if it is sent directly from Him to you, for it is.

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