Living In The Presence Of Love

“There are many virtues, but there is one principal virtue. Every moment passed outside the presence of God is sin, and every moment in His presence is virtue…. Is that within everyone’s reach? We are meant to be so. Just think of a person who is in love: when he eats or drinks, whatever he does, the image of the beloved is there. In the same way, when the love of God has come, it is natural to think of God in everything we do.” ~Hazrat Inayat Khan

Selflessness Is A Gift

  Selflessness is such a gift. It makes one’s life so much happier. The misery of selfishness, as one can at least view from a distance or get a short taste, looks like a horror, a banishment to hell, a trick in which the tricked thinks he’s rising when in fact he’s sinking. Selflessness lightens the heart, lightens the world, lightens the load we for a short time thought we were carrying on our shoulders. Love it — not all are blessed with the love of selflessness. Interestingly, just after writing the above, I read this quote from Inayat Khan: … Continue reading