“Man is closer to God than the fishes are to the ocean.”

“Many think that spiritual attainment can only be achieved by great labor. It is not so; labor is necessary for material attainment, but for spiritual attainment what one needs is a seeking soul like that of Moses. Moses falling upon the ground may be interpreted as the cross, which means, ‘I am not; Thou art.’ In order to be, one must pass through a stage of being nothing. In Sufi terms this is called Fana, when one thinks, ‘I am not what I had always thought myself to be.’ This is the true self-denial, which the Hindus called Layam, and … Continue reading

Selflessness Is A Gift

  Selflessness is such a gift. It makes one’s life so much happier. The misery of selfishness, as one can at least view from a distance or get a short taste, looks like a horror, a banishment to hell, a trick in which the tricked thinks he’s rising when in fact he’s sinking. Selflessness lightens the heart, lightens the world, lightens the load we for a short time thought we were carrying on our shoulders. Love it — not all are blessed with the love of selflessness. Interestingly, just after writing the above, I read this quote from Inayat Khan: … Continue reading

“God alone deserves all love, and the freedom of love is in giving it to God.”

  What a beautiful & true quote: “God alone deserves all love, and the freedom of love is in giving it to God.” By the always eloquent Hazrat Inayat Khan. Here are a few more from him: “The one thing to rely upon is God’s favor. Do not build either on your study or on your meditation, although they both help you. But you are dependent on God, not even on your murshid. Seek Him, trust Him. In Him lies your life’s purpose, and (in) Him is hidden the rest of your soul.” “Whom should one love, how should one … Continue reading