Never Speak Ill Of Others

“Never speak ill of others. It is a great sin. There may be some pleasure or enjoyment in other sins, but tell me what pleasure there is in ‘slander’? Sheikh saadi says, ‘if I were to speak ill of anybody, I would speak ill of my own mother, for if the merits of my good deeds are to go to any person, let them go to my own mother.’ Maharaj Ji (Baba Sawan Singh Ji) used to say that all the good deeds of one who talks ill of another are credited to the account of the slandered one. The … Continue reading

Maharaj Charan Singh Ji Grewal

  Received via email the day before Charan Singh’s birthday, which is December 12, 1916 (minor grammar and punctuation edits): Maharaj Ji’s words — “May your Love of the Form, culminate in the Love of the Formless” GENERAL Maharaj Charan Singh Ji (1916–1990) was the Fourth Sant Satguru from India. He became the fifth Satguru of Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) in 1951 following the death of Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh, and served until his death at the age of 73. He was born in the Moga district of Punjab, his father was Shri Harbans Singh Grewal, the youngest son of … Continue reading