The Prophet Gives In SIlence

  “All that the prophet comes to give is not given to the world in words, but all that cannot be given in words is given without words. It is given through the atmosphere; it is given by the presence; it is given by the great affection that gushes forth from his heart; it is given in his kind glance; and it is given in his benediction. Yet most is given in silence that no earthly sense can perceive.” ~ “Religious Gatheka #12, How the Wise Live in the World “, by Hazrat Inayat Khan (unpublished) “Words are but the … Continue reading

Knowledge vs Understanding

  There’s a world of difference between ‘knowledge’ and ‘understanding’. For one, knowledge is essentially just a worldly thing, while understanding is a pathway or steps along a pathway to one’s spiritual source. Often, when one acquires knowledge, the begin to think themself better than others. However, gaining understanding only leads one to greater humility and empathy. Ironically, however, knowledge is much more ‘easily’ gained. All one has to do is fill their head with information and they gain knowledge. Gaining understanding requires a deep effort to look into the root of things, or, actually, in most cases is just … Continue reading