Worldy Work vs Our Inner Work

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It’s so easy to get caught up in the lower issues of our daily work. We spend hours upon hours on it every day (or, at least, every weekday). But there are 2 things to remember in the midst of all this work:

1) this world is not our home, and getting caught up in fixing it or improving it is like staying in a hotel for one night and spending all that time telling members of the staff how to improve the hotel, not sleeping, not resting, not relaxing, getting totally caught up in overstepping our usefulness there;

2) while we must work in this world, and shop, and eat, and so on, the important thing for us is to live a life of spiritual growth and development; that internal life and growth is something separate from all these worldly things, but it can be the focus of our life in the midst of it all.

So, the short and simple is, do your worldly work, as is necessary while living here in this world, but do not become obsessed with it, and focus your attention on your higher work even while you are doing your worldly tasks.

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