How We Forget

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Many consider life to be an essentially meaningless exercise in consumption, maybe ‘creation’, aging, and death. Many of us tie our whole life purpose and value to completely transitory objectives, responsibilities, desires, and relationships. This life and the time-span it covers are but a blip on the vast, incomprehensible magnitude of the universe and the blanket of time, of eternity.

As humans, we have an opportunity to meld our souls back with that eternity. We have an opportunity to return ourselves to the underlying whole. However, we often either live our life unaware of all this, asleep in the bed of worldly issues; or we just forget our life purpose time and time again.

Living a life of purpose is not like finding a beautiful piece of furniture and sticking it in your home. Living a life of purpose requires constant attention, or else that purpose will just slip out the door — gone, lost again.

How we forget our life’s purpose, how we forget the purpose of life, how we get so caught up in such silly things of the world.

Life is a gift, but if we don’t work towards our life purpose, we set that gift on the edge of a high roof, and then we bump it off to eventually smash to pieces on the ground.

Let’s not forget our life’s purpose.

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