Don’t Let It Get In

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This world is not full of perfect people. Throughout your life, you will have people not “doing right by you.” You will have people who don’t treat you right. From salespeople at the store you just meet once to the closest people in your life, people will treat you in imperfect and sometimes very challenging ways.

While it’s easy in all of these situations to get upset about such situations and such treatment, while it’s easy to start pointing a finger and retaliating or complaining, that doesn’t help us at all. In fact, that just amplifies the wrong done to us. In such situations, we end up joining the people who has done us wrong by doing wrong to ourselves as well.

It’s not ideal.

But we can make something else easy. We can develop a habit of not letting all that negativity in. We can develop a habit of seeing above the situation, of accepting that not everyone (in fact, almost no one) is perfect, of forgiving people for their failures (while, perhaps, also explaining the correct way of acting to them… in a mild, unperturbed manner). We can develop a habit of not only refraining from hurting ourselves, but also even improving the mood and lives of others. It’s a double win.

It’s not easy. At first.

But it’s certainly worth it.

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