The Obvious Secret to Happiness

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“Everybody wants to be happy in this world — nobody wants to be miserable. So why not be happy? Why not lead a relaxed and happy life? Why should we be all the time worrying about the past, and worrying about the future, and not living with the present at all? You see, relaxation comes only when you’re happy within. When you are able to obtain that peace within — then wherever you go, you radiate peace.”

~ Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh, Legacy of Love

We all want to be happy. And happiness only comes from within. So it is a wonder that we are not happy. But the problem is that we give power, we give control over our happiness, to worldly things, to external things. Then our happiness just goes with the tides of life, with the ebb and flow of troubles and triumphs. We become a slave to the external world. Whether it be family, career, friends, sports, or whatever strikes our fancy that day, our happiness is controlled by what we are a slave to.

If one wants to be happy, one has to return one’s soul to oneself, and then to the source of life itself. A soul cannot be truly happy until it has been returned to its home, its love, its Creator. However, each step along the path to that can grant a noticeable and life-changing alteration within us. Each step further inward can deliver us a happiness that is greater than any happiness we remember, a love that is broader than any love we remember, a peace that is more peaceful than any peace we’ve ever imagined. You do not need to reach the end to find a huge difference in the peace and happiness you experience.

But you do need to reach the end to find that everlasting peace and happiness. Of course, as you come closer, the desire to move towards that just becomes clearer and clearer, freer and freer, more and more powerful. All the while, increasing your peace and happiness.

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