“God alone deserves all love, and the freedom of love is in giving it to God.”

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What a beautiful & true quote: “God alone deserves all love, and the freedom of love is in giving it to God.”

By the always eloquent Hazrat Inayat Khan. Here are a few more from him:

“The one thing to rely upon is God’s favor. Do not build either on your study or on your meditation, although they both help you. But you are dependent on God, not even on your murshid. Seek Him, trust Him. In Him lies your life’s purpose, and (in) Him is hidden the rest of your soul.”

“Whom should one love, how should one love? Whatever one loves — whether duty, human beings, art, friends, an ideal, or one’s fellow-creatures — one has certainly opened that door through which to pass in order to reach that love which is God. The beginning of love is an excuse; it leads to that ideal of love which is God alone.”

“We must remember the teaching of Christ, how He says, ‘Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that belong to God.’ In other words, give to the world that which belongs to the world, and give to God what belongs to God, namely: love, worship, reverence, devotion, trust, confidence. All those are due to God; so give them to God.”

“Love has the power to open the door of Eternal Life. By contemplation how far can we pierce through life? One, two, or three planes, then we must stop, but the nearest way of all is by Love and Devotion, for it is God’s way, and God is Love. God cannot be deceived — God will not be deceived. When anyone has taken this way it is by the God in him. And as we give all things they come back to us through Love. The more we give, the more comes back. Love has its limitations when it is directed to limited beings, but love that is directed to God has no limitations, God alone deserves all love, and the freedom of Love is in giving it to God.”

All quotes via Wahiduddin.

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