Mind vs Soul

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“The soul brings its light from Heaven; the mind acquires its knowledge from earth. Therefore, when the soul believes readily, the mind may still doubt.” ~Hazrat Inayat Khan

Very simply, we have three layers to our being. We have our physical self, we have our mental self, and we have our soul. Just as our physical self is born of physical materials and goes back into them once it dies, our mental self is born of “mental materials” and will one day “die.” However, our soul is a piece of God, and God is unchanging.

God is living right within us, inside our body and our mind. God is right here, closer than close, so close that we are unaware of Him.

We are so obsessed with the physical, and with mental issues, that we cannot find our own soul, we cannot find God within ourself.

Going deeper than the body and delving into the mind provides great pleasure. But the mind is not the soul. Many people combine the two, because the deepest thing they know is the mind. However, they are not the same at all, no more than the body is the same as the mind.

The soul is within us, but no matter how many times you read that or think about it, you cannot come to that realization through reading or thinking. You must come to it by going deeper into yourself. You must realize it by throwing off the shackles of the mind and the body.

Use your mind to control your mind, and then let your mind go.

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