Mind vs Soul

“The soul brings its light from Heaven; the mind acquires its knowledge from earth. Therefore, when the soul believes readily, the mind may still doubt.” ~Hazrat Inayat Khan Very simply, we have three layers to our being. We have our physical self, we have our mental self, and we have our soul. Just as our physical self is born of physical materials and goes back into them once it dies, our mental self is born of “mental materials” and will one day “die.” However, our soul is a piece of God, and God is unchanging. God is living right within … Continue reading

Don’t Let The Little Self Off The Hook

I remember a Persian verse made by my murshid which relates to the self: ‘When I feel that now I can make peace with my self, it finds time to prepare another attack.’ That is our condition. We think that our little faults, since they are small, are of no consequence; or we do not even think of them at all. But every little fault is a flag for the little self, for its own dominion. In this way battling makes man the sovereign of the kingdom of God. Very few can realize the great power in battling with and … Continue reading