In Love Abides All Knowledge

Beautiful few paragraphs from Hazrat Inayat Khan on love: “In love abides all knowledge. It is mankind’s love and interest in the things that in time reveals their secret, and then man knows how to develop, control, and utilize them. No one can know anybody, however much he may profess to know, except the lover, because in the absence of love the inner eyes are blind. Only the outer eyes are open, which are merely the spectacles of the inner eyes. If the sight is not keen, of what use are the spectacles? “It is for this reason that we … Continue reading

Learn to Love Yourself

If you love yourself, you become much better at loving others, those close to you and complete strangers. However, loving yourself does not mean indulging in the pleasures of life. Loving yourself means loving your core. And to love your core, you must search it out first.

Light is a Gift

Light is a Gift. All light. But the problem is that too often, when we receive the gift, we forget to thank the giver. And too often, we think we have earned the light. We have not earned it. It is a gift. Just as spoiled children throw a temper tantrum when they don’t have something they want, we throw a temper tantrum when we think we deserve some light we don’t have. Because we have forgotten, or maybe never even learned, that light is a gift. Light is a gift. Appreciate it. & Thank the Giver.