This Life

The wave is one with the ocean. From the ocean rises the wave, and back into the ocean the wave falls. Our life is the same. Life is part of the spiritual source, and it rises, taking the form of a human or an animal or a tree. But as we rise into these forms, we get confused and think we are them, and only them. Our true self is formless — it is part of that great ocean. Our current form will be gone in a short time. It is really of no importance. The gift of this life … Continue reading

This world is perishable and so are all worldly things…

“This world is perishable and so are all worldly things. The wise man is he who realizes the transitory and illusory nature of this world and all things pertaining to it, and makes the best use of this body by worshiping the Supreme Being, through Bhajan and Simran. He thus derives benefit from all that the Creator, through His grace, has placed in the body, and takes that priceless jewel, the essence of all–the Surat (the soul) to its real abode.” ~ Soami Ji Maharaj More quotes from Soami Ji: “Satsang comes first. Those who remain in satsang receive many benefits. … Continue reading