Worldly Love Is a Doorway to Spiritual Love

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Yesterday, we discussed the purpose of life a bit. The conclusion, in brief, is that the purpose is to reconnect with our Source. With that understanding in mind, here’s a nice quote:

“Whom should one love, how should one love? Whatever one loves — whether duty, human beings, art, friends, an ideal, or one’s fellow-creatures — one has certainly opened that door through which to pass in order to reach that love which is God. The beginning of love is an excuse; it leads to that ideal of love which is God alone.”

Loving anything in the world is a lesson in love, a lesson that can and should (and eventually will) lead to an understanding of how to purely love God.

Of course, to reach that eventual supreme love, we must learn to transcend all these lower worldly loves. And how can we do that? By attaching ourselves to something greater, something more beautiful.

It’s a bit of a circle. We are pulled to something greater, and that helps us to transcend these lower loves, but we must still remove some of the thorns of these lower loves in order to learn to love more purely, as is needed to reach that highest of loves.

With that in mind, let’s work our best to learn from our worldly loves and let them lead us to an even greater love of God!

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